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Best Software for Freight Brokers

To help you to find the best freight brokers in 2020, we did the research for you. We went deep, so you won’t have to. Our top 5 picks for the best freight broker softwares: Axon Freight, FreightWaves SONAR, BOLT, Logistiqo & Fresa-Gold.

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The Benefits of Centralized Dispatch Software

This world has become more lively, with lively and regular adaptations in nearly every current business stream. Together with, there has been noted huge adaptations in the transportation industry too. Web-based tracking application is now the first priority of each transportation agency because of its user-friendly nature. The enhanced application by axondispatch helps the user organization in saving the extra hours that were taken just before while doing physical duties. This powerful innovation has won the limitations of the challenging document management method. To maintain in this challenging situation, the truck organizations will need to carry out the most recent technology in their organization activities. However, if a firm is not set to accommodate itself within the most recent adjustments, then they will have no choice but right out of the system by their oppositions.

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Bookkeeping for Truck Drivers: 6 Smart Tips

You won’t find many people who really like doing paperwork. However, it is considered as a necessary evil in various industries. Also, the truck drivers must keep their records in terms of trips so as to get paid for the work they have done. Furthermore, they may also require this information to pay their taxes in the required fashion.

Of course, having a piece of organized information saves a lot of your time. It also allows you to put your hands on all the data and related information you require in just a few minutes. Every owner here needs to understand the trucking bookkeeping for the truck drivers and its benefits. Luckily, you do not need a degree while handling the same for your business.

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Common Inefficiencies of Logistics Networks and How Visibility Helps to Address Them!

The logistics sector has faced many problems due to mismanagement, pandemic, and breaking of supply chains. As a result, there have been considerable losses in shipping and delivery services. It has become essential for all freight companies to record their ongoing shipments and business transactions. Local and global shippers need to monitor all their fleet operations and keep track of all the vehicles. Improving your company’s performance can create a positive impact on the whole supply chain.

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What is the Future of Predictive Analytics in the Transportation Industry?

Transportation industry is witnessing a great technological advancement throughout the industry. Improved fleet telematics, video intelligence and latest trucking management softwares etc are few examples that are driving the transportation industry to a new era. But the real goal of the transportation companies remains constant: that is safer, most productive and the cost efficient fleets. There are various factors that contribute to an efficient fleet and predictive analytics is the latest of them. Predictive analytics enhances the transportation company’s predictive capabilities considerably and hence helps them make better decisions quickly to gain the edge over their competitors. To understand the future of predictive analytics in the transportation industry, we need to understand the benefits of predictive analytics to the transportation industry. 

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How To Safely Load And Transport Heavy Equipment

The transportation sector requires multiple tools and equipment for its effective functioning. Some of the tools are heavy, while some are normal. When it is about standard tools, no significant issue is there regarding their transporting. An important problem arises when there is the loading of heavy transport tools and equipment. The loading and unloading process is the most crucial task that an entity has to undergo, especially in the case of dump truck dispatch and transporting heavy equipment.

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